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We offer our clients high quality asset investment solutions with full flexibility of personalization and customization based on cutting edge fintech tools. Whiteridge Advisors SA combines more than 25 years of experience in global financial industry markets with effective solutions based on new developments in financial technologies.

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Whiteridge Advisors SA is a boutique investment firm with highly experienced principals who have seen many crises, false trends, investment fallacies, and crowded trades that are highly susceptible to disorderly collapse. Our goal is to keep our clients in a safe investment environment and away from the financial pitfalls that destroy wealth.

We aim to combine fintech support systems for asset allocation, portfolio management, and optimization with a human touch and the personal experience of our employees and partners. We share our knowledge with our clients providing them with effective, efficient, and responsible service at a better value than competitors, as well as, present qualified investors with co-investment opportunities in trendsetting tech ideas.

Financial and political turmoil, volatile markets, tightening regulations, and the introduction of new financial technologies have reshaped the landscape of the global investment industry. While generating a meaningful risk-adjusted return on investment captial will continue to be the focus of most investment endeavors, equally important is the comprehensive structuring of wealth, tax optimization, and asset protection strategies.


Tailored to meet the clients interests

Investment Management

Technologically advanced investment process with a human touch.


Professional and personal advice.

Investment Solutions

Customized investment office planning and infrastructure.


Whiteridge founders and team have many years of experience investing in equities and debt globally and managing hedge and private equity funds. The Whiteridge team's substantial investing experience combined with its long-standing involvement in new financial technologies, as well as, early stage investments in disruptive fintech projects, create a team well-suited for identifying promising and unique investment opportunities. Our active involvement in fintech helps us, and our clients, keep track of recent developments in the industry and apply them in our work.