Prudent, Conservative Management Style.

The Company founders and senior investment specialists have a long track record of performance and risk management, as well as a reputation for observing exceptionally high business standards.

Our Products

Whiteridge Global Energy & Special Situations Fund

This is a special situations and private equity/credit fund focused on companies and industries undergoing transformative changes.

  • The fund targets small and medium cap companies, predominantly in Western  Europe (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, etc.);

  • Most of the opportunities come from the industries undergoing change. New trends create attractive entry points into investments with favorable risk/return expectations;

  • The investment manager often implements an activist approach influencing the development of the target companies by introducing changes in business focus as well as management and control process.

Whiteridge Emerging Opportunities Fund

The fund invests in transformational business models, enabled by the most promising technological innovations, that are just now becoming mature enough to be used in commercial applications at scale and disrupt legacy business models.

Such technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Next generation networks based on DLT;

  • Distributed commercial systems driven by intelligent agent software;

  • Machine learning applications;

  • The 'internet of things' and its important subsets - innovative solutions for trading, production and storage of energy.

Co-investment Opportunities in Technology Sector

Whiteridge, together with partners whose main activities are in tech industries, is supporting a co-investment platform targeting transformational new technologies and business models with a specific focus on decentralization, disintermediation, and automation of commercial and organizational processes.

Such technologies include the next generation networks based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), better known as Blockchain, distributed commercial platforms driven by intelligent software agents and the Internet of Things.

We believe that these technologies are reaching the levels from which their combined implementation will accelerate to bring about the next technological revolution. A new Internet of Everything will become omnipresent and revolutionize business, manufacturing, and governance processes.

Whiteridge Global Income Fund

The fund has a flexible mandate with five distinct Portfolio Components:

  1. Special situations – direct investments in securities issued by companies undergoing fundamental changes and allowing for the gain of significant income (e.g. during debt restructuring or share capital increase);

  2. High Yield – mid-term investments into fixed income securities with high income that are partially hedged by index instruments from time to time;

  3. Bridge and Mezzanine Credit – investments into 3-12 months bridge and mezzanine loans, usually secured by property or cash flows assignment;

  4. Arbitrage/Relative Value - niche strategies providing uncorrelated returns for diversification (mainly through investing into specialized funds);

  5. Tactical/Hedges – short-term opportunities and hedging of unwanted overall portfolio risks.