Strategically Managed, Client-Focused Approach to Investing

Depending on the client’s risk and return preferences, we can put together a customized blend of well researched investment programs and tools to quickly and easily implement an investment strategy fitting the client’s needs.


Investment Management

Our services as an asset manager (delivered in cooperation with Signet Bank, Mayfair Research Associates and other partners) involve:

  1. Developing a thorough understanding of our clients needs;

  2. Setting up appropriate accounts or investment structures;

  3. Providing tailored investment solutions via discretionary and advisory portfolio management services;

  4. Offering access to a broad investment universe ranging from traditional asset classes (bonds & equities) to alternative investments (structured products, real estate projects, hedge funds, and commodities);

  5. Generating niche investment ideas for sophisticated clients.

"Our Managed Portfolios provide customizable solutions designed to match the risk appetite and our client’s investment preferences."


    Whiteridge Advisors combine high quality investment research with attention to deal structuring. When working on a client’s transaction we involve first class third party advisors such as:

  • Experienced Lawyers from relevant jurisdictions;
  • Tax advisors and experts in regulatory issues;
  • Investment banks that can provide additional equity and debt capital to support the transactions.

"At Whiteridge, we strive to bring our clients solutions to their strategic investment needs."

Customized Investment Structures

Whiteridge is able to assist premium clients in setting up their own investment structures including investment funds by leveraging Whiteridge’s industry expertise.