Technology Powering the Future

Our team and partners are qualified to design, manage and implement cutting-edge technologies.


Through our affiliates in the US and Eastern Europe we offer the following consulting, data analytics and custom software development services to our clients and partners.

Cloud Development and Integration

Whiteridge's affiliates are capable of designing, developing, and managing scalable and cost-efficient cloud solutions meeting the demands on the today's fastest growing industries.

Big Data Solutions

Today, data is larger, faster, and more varied than ever requiring more sophisticated data processing pipelines and infrastructure. Whiteridge has partners at the ready to meet the needs of the most data hungry industries, and enable capabilities to extract, transform, and load data to and from different data repositories, formats, and schemas.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Whiteridge and its partners are prepared to develop intelligent solutions providing clients with valuable insights to increase the value of their services. Whiteridge's partners will work with clients to identify key questions, apply machine learning algorithms to answer those questions, and provide the proper interface for users to view key insights. Using the latest in machine learning algorithms and cloud infrastructures, we can provide clients with key insights when and where they are needed most.

While machine learning is the key to extracting valuable insights from data, it will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will inform human workers in healthcare, energy, logistics, and government to which insights are most important in the decision-making process.

Blockchain Integration

With the continued digitization of information it is imperative that customer information is both accessible and secure. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), i.e., Blockchain technologies, are capable of fulfilling these seemingly contradictory requirements. By implementing DLTs, clients can provide users with reliable access and control over their private information.